Ebermannstadt keeps its chance for rank 2

The basketball players of TSV ebermannstadt have, thanks to their ninth win in 13. The team still has the chance to finish the season as runners-up behind BBC coburg II, which has now pulled clear of the pack. On the last day of play (23.3.) it probably comes to the final against the two points better SV pettstadt, which could afford in view of the 66:56 in the first leg but a narrow defeat. BBF kups – TSV ebermannstadt 54:65

Although the hosts had only won three games so far, TSV did not take the encounter lightly. "For us, only victory pays", coach otto hauser tuned up his team in the dressing room. Due to absences due to illness, however, he had only nine participants at his disposal. But they wanted to do everything they could to make up for the narrow defeat against the league leaders from the previous week.

Sebastian metzner, kilian hack, thomas dippold, david schneider and sebastian wilhelm started very concentrated especially in defense and allowed the BBF only three points until the seventh minute. In the attack, they spearheaded good actions, which they successfully completed both under the basket and from auben. Already after the first quarter the guests were comfortably in the lead with 18:9. Only the allowed second chances criticized hauser in the break.

This seemed to take especially veteran thomas kurth to heart, who now resolutely grabbed at the rebound. In their own offense, the tsvlers made use of the rough advantages in the second half. Dippold was unstoppable in the one-on-one and metzner was successful under the basket a couple of times. Although some lack of concentration crept in at the end of the quarter, ebs had the game under control at all times and led clearly 38:25 after the first half.

For the second 20 minutes, the coach focused on the transition defense and the rebound: "we pull the teeth out of them for good in the first five minutes of the third quarter", dippold also cheered on his teammates. Sharpshooter schneider actually led his team to a 19-point lead (31:50). The wiesentstadter were clearly superior, in which also the youth players lukas grieb and cornelius gunther had a strong share. The two young talents integrated well and took responsibility at both ends of the court.

Ebs went into the last quarter with a 52:35 lead, in which TSV sometimes finished too frantically. In the defense, the guests allowed the opponent too many free actions, which punished the kupser among other things with threes and easy corblegern. Their backlog melted until the 36. Minute to 52:59. In a time-out, hauser restored the focus: with some determined moves to the basket and strong sequences in the defense, ebermannstadt eliminated last doubts about the away victory. On saturday TSV plays the last home game of the season. Guest in the stadthalle is at 18.30 o’clock TS kronach (out: 75:74). Oh TSV: schneider (15), gunther (2), dippold (19), theiler, hack, kurth (14), gries (2), wilhelm (5), metzner (8)

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