Apple juice for the elementary schools

This year, raffeisenbank obermain nord is once again launching an apple collection campaign in which the elementary schools will be rewarded with apple juice. This is now the seventh joint campaign of this kind. During a certain period of time, containers are placed in the schoolyards, into which everyone can put apples. The apples are then taken to the plassenburg wine press in bad berneck, where they are processed into apple juice, naturally from the school’s own harvest. At the end of the joint effort, which was held under the motto: "from our floor – pure nature" each school will receive 200 bottles of apple juice for every ton of apples collected. First is the apple container from monday, 24. September, to friday, 28. September, in altenkunstadt on the elementary school grounds on baiersdorfer strabe and a second time on monday, 8. October, until friday, 12. October, ready. Other opportunities to participate in the apple collection campaign are from monday, 1. October, until friday, 5. October, at the elementary school of the abt-knauer-school weismain and at the elementary school in schwurbitz. From monday, 8. Until friday, 12. October, is then at the elementary school hochstadt opportunity to support the apple collection campaign.

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