A real top match in sulzthal

SG sulzthal – SG aura 1:0 (0:0). Goal: david fischer (55.).

Top match and derby at the same time. It was clear that the cheers of the sulzthal team were even more frenetic than usual after the narrow victory over their neighbors, who had been level on points up to that point. Sulzthal are now the sole leaders in group 1, and still unbeaten, while the guests had to accept the first defeat of the season after this very competitive and fubballerisch nice match with chances on both sides. In the first half, the luck was distributed with two aluminum goals each, in addition, aura’s louis troll hit after a nice dribbling in front of the empty goal only the dust net.

Three chances in three minutes

The hosts had three chances within three minutes of the final whistle. A circumstance that threatened to revenge, because the guests coached by johannes baldauf with their kickers from aura, wittershausen and elfershausen after the change got upper water. And almost thought they were in the lead, but after two corner balls, the sulzler defense corners were able to clear twice on the line. "It became clear: whoever scores the first goal decides the game for himself. So it was to come", so aura’s supervisor thomas kolb.

Five minutes before the end, the eleven of theo tremer put the lucky punch: after a precise tee shot of goalkeeper maximilian schieber, marlon tremer forwarded the ball directly into the intersection of the aura defense to david fischer, who finished for the much-celebrated winning goal. "On both sides it was a very strong team performance, in which all the players played at a very high level of football and each player had his share in the exciting game", summed up reiner fischer, the team manager in the winning team with his fubballers from sulzthal, wirmsthal, euerdorf and ramsthal.

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