A lot of blood and a lot of spab

A lot of blood and a lot of spab

The emergency presentation group of the youth red cross erlangen-hochstadt helps with smaller case simulations of the sanitary readiness of the bavarian red cross and final presentations of the rescue service training of the local association erlangen-hochstadt of the bavarian red cross. In addition, the "young actors" are firefighters, firefighters, emergency counselors and the various aid organizations are involved in firefighting operations and car accident re-enactments as well as supra-regional disaster control operations.
The emergency presentation is a core component of the youth red cross. It is made up of voluntarily committed youths and young adults. During the rehearsals, they provide the sick and injured as well as the make-up artists and attendants, who take care of the safety of the actors.

It simply bleeds everywhere

Detailed scenarios and elaborate make-up of wounds with latex, wax, bubble gel and various types of fake blood make the injuries appear real and allow the emergency services to practice close to reality. "This is essential for training in medical masks, rescue techniques and the deepening of operational tactics in simulated major emergencies," assures karl-heinz pritzl, says anne harder from the youth red cross troop. In addition, the performers demonstrate their skills to the general public in the form of demonstrations – such as the one recently held on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the herzogenaurach volunteer fire department.

Training is important

The emergency response group trains monthly and practices realistic behavior in exceptional situations – from unconscious patients to patients screaming in pain, from turntable ladder rescues to cutting out of cars, it’s all there. Anne harder tells: "we train our make-up skills together and get to know the different illnesses and injuries. Through the youth red cross there is also the possibility of in-depth training in sanitation and entry into the rescue service."
It is a special concern of the group to challenge and educate the members individually, so that everyone has fun and "we make the helpers sweat". Ah, mb

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