“Wind music? Shocked us at first”

We talked to the director of the musicalcompany nurnberg, claudia dorr, about the special challenges of the "magic musical moments" speaking for the 18 sangers. How did the members of your company react when they were asked to perform musical classics with a wind orchestra??

Claudia dorr: they were shocked at first. We have worked with smaller blues orchestras so far. But when we looked at some clips of performances of the blaserphilharmonie forchheim on the net, we were convinced that this could work out.

What is the special challenge??

We have the accompaniment differently in the ear. The blasters come with quite a force, it is difficult to find the intonation. But every sanger gets his own microphone and we have monitors, then we will hold our own.

There is not much time left. Get the gig right?

Yes for sure. Saturday was a joint rehearsal day with the musicians and the use of the technical equipment. A dress rehearsal will of course also take place in the lades hall. All I can say is that my people are totally motivated.

Are there soloists on the musical evening that we can look forward to??

No, all sangers are equal. Everyone gets his part. We have kept it that way for 20 years. The conversation was conducted by our employee mike wuttke.

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