The scherneck fire department will have to wait a while longer for its new vehicle

The scherneck fire department went out on a total of 69 calls in 2018. The first responders were called out 64 times for first aid, and the 30 active members of the fire department were called out to three fire calls and two technical assistance calls. The heavy rainfall event on ascension day, in which scherneck was also particularly affected, was mentioned in particular at the general meeting in the fire department’s home.

Commander frank weber remarked that many people from scherneck had not been too shy to take up the shovel and broom themselves during the storm. "Otherwise we would have been in action for several hours longer", emphasized the commander. Weber informed that the fire department had applied to the municipality for a new fire truck, there had been several meetings and discussions with municipal representatives. Regarding the structure of the fire department, weber said that there are currently 14 respiratory protection officers in scherneck. In 2018, the breathing apparatus was visited twice. Daniel reinmuller will resign after many years of service as a respiratory protection advisor. This task will be taken over by lukas weber in the future.

Weber was pleased that the fire brigade has three new recruits. The first responder group consists of ten active firefighters. Further one had taken the achievement badge of the levels I to III/6 in the past year.

Three young people are active in the youth fire brigade, as youth officer isabell weber reported. The children’s festival of the TSV scherneck was used to promote the youth fire department. The youth leader said she wanted to sit down with the board and think about how to make youth work more attractive to get new members.

"We as a fire department help everyone, but not everyone helps us", said chairman siegbert paschold in his report, referring to the situation of the helpers in the association. He criticized the fact that more than 100 helpers were needed for the shore festival, but some of them never showed up. On the other hand, he was very pleased that some people who were not members of the fire brigade had helped.

Mayor rolf rosenbauer spoke of a very eventful year in terms of operations. The heavy rain event has sensitized the citizens with regard to the fire department. The fire brigade’s riverside festival is a high point in the community and beyond. He went on to talk about the construction work on the barn where the fire department stores various utensils. This has taken some time. The concrete and carpentry work had been largely completed. Rosenbauer said that as far as the fire department’s application for a new vehicle is concerned, they still want to talk to the fire department leadership. Due to the tendering procedures, he does not believe that the wish will be fulfilled this year, said rosenbauer. Michael stelzner

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