Teichmuhlen tradition lives on

30 years of the muhlenverein are 30 years of work, 30 years of commitment by the many volunteers who are involved with body and soul in front of and behind the scenes.
When on 6. April 1987 the club was founded, there were twelve foundation members. The then mayor of steinwiesen, reinhold renk, supported the idea, as did karl hundt as the then district curator of local history and the then district administrator, heinz kohler. First chairman became martin beierschoder.
From the beginning michael kestel was a pillar of the association. First as second chairman and from 2003 until today as first chairman. Since 1987, the association has regularly organized guided tours for visitors on sundays from 2 to 5 p.M. From may to october. For groups of five or more people, tours are also offered during the week by arrangement with the tourist office.

500.Anniversary of the muhle celebrated

Since 2003 the mill association also took over the cutting operation in the pond muhle. This stood at the time already two years still, because the owner had not found a tenant. Since then, the members bernhard schlee and bernhard lang cut the muhlholz once or twice a week. A major event in the 30-year history of the association was the 500th anniversary of the founding of the company. The jubilee of the pond muhle, which was celebrated in 2007 and became known beyond the borders of the country.

Last remaining cutting mill

The pond muhle steinwiesen is the last remaining cutting muhle still in operation today and at the same time a non-governmental museum and thus open to the public. During the tours you can also see the four meter high and one meter wide mill wheel. It has a flow of 1000 liters per second, reaching its maximum power of almost 7 hp. After that, the water continues to flow unspent.
Today we are struggling for renewable energy, more than nine centuries ago our ancestors have already used this in the frankenwaldmuhlen. Very interesting is also the royal bavarian full iron gate, which is demonstrably over 140 years old and still runs perfectly quiet and without vibrations. A unique selling point of the teichmuhle is the replica of the board float. You can also visit the needle weir, the oak pole, a display board, a wave tree, comb wheels and a basket wheel. Of course you can also see the mill shed and the poor dwelling of the miller’s family. Under the shed there is also a drive room with a transmission and a storage room.

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