Railroad ag: work causes trouble

The list of complaints sent to bahn AG is long. It ranges from overhanging paving stones and uneven drainage channels to improperly executed movement joints and unsuitable joint material. Above all with the two-sided binding of the steinhauerplatz one is not content. Emil lauterbach (CSU/NWG), who is on site almost every day, describes the performance of the subcontractor ITG as follows: "they don’t do any work right the first time. Most of it is torn out again first."
For reasons unknown to the municipality, the work on the sidewalk in berliner strabe has just been stopped, so that the children have to be guided across the street by the school crossing helpers. "Plotzlich is to be set up at the edge of the railroad as a demarcation a gelander, which is not present in the plans so far", mayor werner diersch (SPD/WG) describes the current situation and continues: "at the moment there is a lack of information and contact from the railroad."

The council is also concerned about the special mull of the torn out track systems including substructure, which is on the so-called "gypsy parking lot" was deposited on the county road to lindau. Friedrich weinlein (WB) also criticized the fact that no safety measures had been taken by the disposing company.

Apropos "storage places of the bahn AG": the whole material, which was needed for the new tracks and the new middle platform at the station and is still needed, has been stored for months on the land between the "old" and the "new" station TSV sports field and the railroad line. The use as a storage area was approved by the municipality under the assurance that it would be restored to its original condition. In the responsibility is also here the company "ingenieurbau+tiefbau+gleisbau" from stralsund.

The school sports facility, which was previously located there, is no longer usable. The council has now discussed whether it makes sense, after the land has been cleared, to cover the walkway with a low-maintenance elastic plastic surface instead of the previous ash surface. Helmut kufner (SPD/WG) advised to wait for the production of a frost-proof substructure, to border the end of the runway on both sides and then to decide on the pavement.

The concerns of werner kostner (SPD/WG) about what would happen if the sports field had to be swung in the direction of the railroad line in the event of a necessary new bridge construction in weiherweg were allayed by mayor werner diersch: "there is still enough space in between." Dieter hubner

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