Climate gold is at risk

Climate gold is at risk

Bernhard panzer it will be difficult to carry out all the climate protection measures intended for the coming year. Because the corona pandemic is throwing a spanner in the works of many planners. Nevertheless, the planning and environment committee is expected to approve the project for 2021 at its meeting this tuesday evening.

For the coming year, the recertification of the city in the european energy award with gold is planned. This highest level was awarded to the energy team from herzogenaurach for the first time in november 2017. The company had already been awarded the climate protection prize twice before, in 2009 and 2013. Gold was awarded in 2017, among other things, for "energy-efficient, economical and sustainable construction and renovation in building management that goes beyond the legal requirements, and for the city’s CO2 reduction program, which subsidizes, for example, the removal of thermal insulation. This is what it says on the city’s homepage.

Next year’s recertification could be difficult, explained mayor german hacker (SPD) in an introduction to the meeting. Of course, the energy award remains the goal of all efforts. Nevertheless, it is rather difficult to implement the measures that are required for renewed gold under corona requirements. "If necessary, we will lose the title", said hacker. In this case, after the pandemic, it was possible to make a new effort.

At the meeting, the committee also received a letter from the so-called climate activists. The agenda 21, the movements fridays for future and parents for future as well as the local group of the federation for nature conservation pay for this. Together, a catalog of requirements for climate protection was drawn up, which will now be discussed by the planning committee. Among other things, a staff unit for "environmental and climate protection" will be established desired in the administration.

According to climate activists, it is not enough for the city to adorn itself with the energy status gold. The achievements to date are acknowledged, but the opinion is "that it is not enough to even come close to achieving the goals of the climate protection model". Especially in the area of heat energy and mobilitat many more mabnahmen are necessary. And the future increase in electricity consumption must also be countered effectively.

The city’s climate protection officer, mignon ramsbeck-ullmann, studied the catalog in detail before the meeting and prepared a detailed explanation for the committee members. Accordingly, the main requirements are to be taken note of and the implementation proposed by the administration is to be decided on in this respect.

For example, there should be no staff position. It is well meant, said mayor hacker, but it does not correspond to practice. Nevertheless, a half-time position is to be created in the environmental department for the implementation of measurements.

Ramsbeck-ullmann also elaborated that the city already has a suitable tool in the form of the eea evaluation system tailored to municipalities. Hacker confirms: "this management process structure is worth its weight in gold." The administration therefore recommends to further use and improve this process instead of creating parallel processes. The activists’ catalog calls for, among other things, a round table and a climate protection steering team.

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