Angela merkel in erlangen: hot-tempered but not heated

On wednesday evening, just in time for the sudden return of summer, german chancellor angela merkel (CDU) also made a stop at the town hall square in erlangen on her election campaign tour through the region.

The spectators, waiting in the sweltering heat since late afternoon, buried already around 18.30 o'clock sky presenter claudia von brauchitsch. Despite rows filled with invited CSU guests, the mood could not really arise to the sound of schlager. Restraint, until "mutti comes?

Angela merkel in erlangen – more pictures here

after a swim in the crowd, bavaria's interior minister and CSU top candidate joachim herrmann and parliamentary secretary of state and member of the bundestag stefan muller (CSU), who is once again vying for the direct mandate of the constituency of erlangen this year, answered questions in a talk round.

Central themes of the two union politicians were core statements of the bavarian plan. The first waves of jubilation came at hermann's statements on internal security: "we are the safest country in bavaria and thus demonstrate: more security is possible."

Stefan muller also made use of the opportunity shortly before the 24. September once again the chance to address his central election campaign issues, among others the tense traffic situation in the county. The many construction sites are also a concern for him, but he stressed: "it shows that something is happening and that we are taking the necessary measures."

While the two CSU politicians were still thanking their campaign aides, the audience also got louder – but on the opposite side of the aisle. Individual demonstrators gave vent to their displeasure.

Cheers and whistles for merkel in erlangen

Against 19.At 8 p.M. – ten minutes early – the chancellor was buried in the town hall square of the university town in central franconia to cheers and a steady stream of boos and whistles. Fans with signs, on them the famous "merkel rhombus", had to share the optics already when going to the stage against a sea of posters of the counter-demonstrators.

Merkel demonstrated a cool, concentrated look ahead, while the choruses in the background grew louder during stefan muller's funeral and joachim herman's speech. When merkel finally steps up to the lectern, a crude afd banner also stands over the crowd.

According to initial estimates, about 4,000 people came to see the chancellor. Despite the temperatures, merkel, in her cream blazer, loved to make a few heated remarks.
"We are trying to make them an offer that will enable us to say in four years' time that we are doing even better than we are today", she said and promised security – for the elderly, for parents, employees, students and children. With regard to erlangen as a location for education, research and business, merkel said: "we are all committed to ensuring that made in germany will continue to have a good sound all over the world tomorrow."

"Don't think that shouting will change the world for the better"

While she talks about the importance of digitization, even the experienced speaker can't ignore the booing from the 80 or so stallholders: "there are parties in the election campaign that I only meet when they're shouting, but I don't think you change the world for the better by shouting and whistling."

And after herrmann, merkel also addresses the issue of security: "for us, internal security is a top priority." Merkel also emphasized the importance of europe, because in the end it stands above all for peace.

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on the subject of refugees, she thanked the local politicians and volunteers who are still helping people in need today: "that was a strong sign for germany." But there was agreement that a year like 2015 should not and must not be repeated. It is now more important to put a stop to smugglers, dismantle criminal structures and fight the causes of flight and displacement on the ground.

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